Thursday, 11 March 2010

modern domestic class list!

I am excited!

The class list for Modern Domestic, opened by some lovely ladies from Bolt Neighborhood, was posted today! Check out the schedule HERE...

I'm guessing that the classes will fill up pretty quick...anyone interested in taking a class with me?


my name is lauren. said...

i would say yes...except for the fact that i can't sew...AT ALL. i would need to take the beginners sewing to thread the machine, etc... maybe if i take it and don't completely suck at it then i'll be able to join you for a future class...although it would probably be awhile, since i saw that blanket you made and i'm pretty sure you're miles and miles ahead of my skill level :).

oh...and i hope jen's b-day went well. we were totally planning to come and then i got the worst headache EVER. i even had a meat and cheese platter ready to bring... so instead my co-workers got to enjoy is on thursday. hope it was fun though!

happy weekend!

bohomeme said...

Well that's why you take a beginner's sewing class!! It's fun but it can get stressful. Really small projects, particularly square objects, are good to begin with - my first blanket was really bad.

Her bday was fun, we got there pretty late but still enjoyed a glass of wine with chips and salsa :)

Hope you had a good weekend!

Kim said...

I would take a class with you if I lived near Portland! I have heard incredible things about Bolt!

bohomeme said...

Kim you would LOVE Bolt! Next time you come to Portland you have to visit their shop.