Saturday, 23 May 2009

Next on my list...

This project is next on my list, AFTER I finish unpacking our house. Yes, we've moved again. And I'm so thankful. We love our new place! Hardwood, high ceilings, big bathroom, huge windows, and lots of light.

In Spokane the cafe had a basket of coffee cup cozies for sale for $8, and I really wanted one. I chose not to because I have a basket of fabric scraps sitting at home and a lonely sewing machine that has been neglected lately. I also didn't want to have to explain to Andy why I spent 8 bones on a scrap of fabric. So after things are *mostly* put away, I'm totally going to make this. I have always admired Erin's House on Hill Road blog and her amazing quilted creations. I want to get excited about sewing again, and I think this project might do it for me.

The link below will take you to House on Hill Road's post for a French Press Cozy:

By the way. I went to Fabric Depot today on SE 122nd, and pardon my valley-girl french, but OMG. It was so overwhelming! I think it might be as big as Costco! I'm doing a special project right now and I needed some specific fabric, and unfortunately neither Bolt nor Cool Cottons had what I needed. I ventured into Fabric Depot and I emerged an hour later completely exhausted, but I got what I needed - ONE yard!

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Tiffany said...

that cozy is REAL cute:) can't wait to see your version