Saturday, 2 May 2009

I'm Officially Portland.

Ever since we moved to Portland I have been intrigued by the idea of getting a road bike. Growing up in a mostly suburbanized area, biking for transportation purposes has not been appealing, feasible, or safe. But all that has changed now that we live in a cycle-friendly city! On campus bikes are everywhere, chained to anything. They are in front, behind, and next to me in traffic. Some have wire or wooden baskets, some have saddle bag-things. Many are slathered with bumper stickers of all sorts. A good many of my fellow students come to class with their right pant leg rolled up. How can I not succumb to the pressure when they make it look so good?

Before we moved, I found an Italian road bike at a garage sale in Medford in superb condition, which I bought for Andy for the grand sum of $35. Last week, I said a sad goodbye to my trusty and faithful mountain bike and sold it on Craigslist. Everyday I looked for the perfect bike (under $100). Finally, yesterday afternoon, I struck gold.

Meet Harriet, a pretty rundown bike when we picked her up; bent wheels and swollen tires and dirt, but she is green and oh what a pretty green she is. Andy wasn't convinced at first because of all the work she needed, but I knew she'd be worth it. So we stuffed her in our two-door Honda and drove to North Portland's Bikeworks, where a very nice man fixed her up to be almost good as new. She still needs work, but we took our bikes on a ride yesterday and she did great. And did I mention she's green?

Ozzie (Andy's bike) and Harriet are in for some fun. The man we bought her from told me, "you look good on her...retro. It reminds me of the doublemint gum twin commercials." SOLD.

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