Monday, 29 June 2009

Hidie-Hooter Hootie-Hider Hooter-Hidie Thingie!

So this sewing thing is getting easier.

This past weekend was a complete blur. The boys opened a new Black Rock in Vancouver ( and Baby Lily is officially due at any second ( My aunt and uncle were also in town, and my list of devoirs was pretty long. We went and saw My Sister's Keeper, it's a sobber. Through all of the activity I finished this for Tiffany yesterday: the Hootie Hider!

Hooties of the World Unite! No longer does a mother have to wrestle with a small blanket to hide her feeding child! No longer does the blanket have to fall down and compromise a mother's modesty as she checks on her baby! The HH has righted a wrong and fought an injustice on every nursing woman's behalf!

Moving on...she purchased the fabric kit and pattern at Craft Warehouse, I contributed my sewing machine. Her mom helped me clarify the pattern and how to go about it, and so I sat down yesterday afternoon and cranked it out. We loved the finished product! They are going to be addicting to make for friends who are expecting, and they are so dang practical that I think every nursing momma needs one. And if you don't want to make one for yourself, you can find them on Etsy, too. The packet was $13.99, which included fabric for the cover and straps, the D-rings, and the corset boning. The pattern, sold separately, was $4.99. However, as proven by Tiff's mom Marlene who went back the next day and bought rings and boning for pretty cheap, you could do this for way less. It all depends on the fabric that you want.

I also found a free pattern online, which cuts your cost even more:

I'm of the opinion that Lily was just waiting to come until she knew her Hidie Hooter-thing was ready. Okay Lily we're ready for you now!

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Tiffany said...

thanks friend:) i love it!