Saturday, 14 February 2009

My heart belongs to...

Look at this sweet heart-shaped egg toast that Andy made. Toasted in the pan with butter, topped with ketchup, it's so good. About a month ago I learned that he had NEVER had egg-in-a-hole or egg-toast or toad-in-the-hole; whatever people are calling it now a days. What ARE people calling it nowadays? Anyways, I made him a few and used my "A" cookie cutter to make it special for him, and he thought it was delicious! Now he likes to make them, and between you and me, he makes them way better than I do. So I let him :)

He's very creative and he always gets what I'm doing craft-wise. Once I explain what I'm trying to accomplish I hardly ever get the "don't get it" look. I like that.

We are both working this Valentine's Day, but we've made up for it by going to the wonderful Fiction Family concert at The Aladdin last week and then reverse Happy Hour (10pm - midnight) at Portland City Grill, which is one of our most favorite things to do.

In conclusion, someone please tell me what you call the above egg-bread creation.

Enjoy your Valentine's Day!

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Jason said...

AHA! it's because your blog is not public...or...something.

and what is this fiction family thing? explain please.