Sunday, 7 September 2008

A Goodbye To Remember...

The greatest friends EVER. Period.

Our friends threw us a memorable and wonderful goodbye party. Drinks, games, dessert, laughter, and FUN. It was a blast. So many great memories.
The boys, they'll sure miss each other.
Whether it's a beer at 4 Daughters or in the Hagler's backyard, coordinating their Black Rock clothing (accidentally of course...), or the "occasional" smoke, they're best buds.
The girls...what can I say? I've never had such good, true friends in my life. They are loving, compassionate, hilarious, genuine, and committed. Morning coffee, hotpots, and cooking dinner in tiff's kitchen are some of the best times of my life. I love them dearly.

I will miss these girls so desperately when we go. I'm excited to see the places that Andy and I will go in the years to come, but I'm also excited to keep growing in friendship with "my girls". These are the friendships that last a lifetime.

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